Why Partner with ROWW?

  • One of the few networks of professionally trained disaster response volunteers.
  • Rapid deployment to meet the unmet need for such resources.
  • Agile self-sufficient professionals who adapt to the unique requirements.
  • Leverage partner resources to optimize results.
  • Capability to access difficult- locations on a domestic and worldwide basis.
"We at STIHL feel privileged to
support Reach Out Worldwide in
their efforts to help others."

Roger Phelps
Promotional Communications Manager at Stihl, Inc.

ROWW take the approach that every relationship is unique. Depending on the level of participation the partnership agreement may include:
  • Promotional Events Featuring Sponsor
  • Joint branded promotional material.
  • Recognize partners in all interviews, press opportunities, etc.
  • Post deployment recognition of partner participation.
  • Community Events With Sponsor Representation in Pictures and video
  • Priority positioning on Monthly Newsletter.
  • Featured "Like" on Facebook Page.
  • Blog Post outlining the results achieved from sponsorship.
  • Front Page Feature on www.Roww.org.
  • Exclusive deployment material including pictures and videos.
  • Official Sponsor.
To explore specific details of partnership - please submit form: